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Section 1 Find and Identify Talent using LinkedIn Recruiter®
1.1  Explain the functions of LinkedIn-supported Boolean modifiers.
1.2 Given a list of requirements, construct the search that will produce desired results.
1.3 Given a list of unexpected search results analyze the search results to identify the issue that caused the poor search results.
1.4 Explain when and how to use advanced search tools, including but not limited to: Boolean-supported fields, activity filters, and refinement facets.
1.5 Describe the purpose, features, and functions of Spotlights.
Section 2 Effectively Engaging Talent
2.1 Explain how your professional brand on can impact your recruiting effectiveness.
2.2 Describe the purpose, features, and functions of InMail and Inbox, including, but not limited to: templates (creating, editing, deleting, sharing, copying), InMail credits, shared resource, managing leads from the Inbox, etc.
2.3 Given a scenario, apply best practices to craft InMail messages that will provide higher response rates.
2.4 Given a sample LinkedIn Reporter report, determine appropriate corrective measures to improve InMail response rate.
Section 3 Pipelining Talent
3.1 Explain the value of pipelining.
3.2 Describe the purpose, and functions of LinkedIn Recruiter®’s Talent Pipeline features including but not limited to: Tags, Statuses, Sources, and Import Candidates.
3.3 Given a situation of anticipated hiring needs, select the most appropriate course of action to take within LinkedIn Recruiter®, including, but not limited to: using Projects, Notes, Tags, Statuses, Sources, Import Candidates, Custom Fields, Update Me, and searching a pipeline.
3.4 Using LinkedIn Recruiter® reports, identify the metrics that are measured in pipeline analytics, including but not limited to, Sources, Tags, Statuses, Activity.
Section 4 Organize, Collaborate, and Work Efficiently
4.1 Describe the features, functions, and benefits of using Projects.
4.2 Given a scenario, decide how to effectively collaborate and share with your team.
4.3 Given a scenario about using LinkedIn Recruiter® efficiently, decide which feature to use, including but not limited to: Custom Filters, InMail Templates, Bulk Actions, and Search Alerts.
4.4 Given a scenario about using LinkedIn Recruiter® to stay organized, decide which action or feature to use including but not limited to, Clipboard, Smart To-Dos (Reminders), Saved Searches, and Recruting Tools and Activities.
4.5 Given a scenario about using LinkedIn Recruiter® to collaborate, decide which action or feature to use including but not limited to InMail Templates, Search Insights, and Recruiter Tools and Activities.
4.6 Given a scenario, how should you interpret, analyze, and draw conclusions from the LinkedIn Recruiter® reports.
Section 5 Posting and Managing Jobs
5.1 Describe the benefits of the various features of the Jobs network, including but not limited to: Job Slots, and Jobs You May Be Interested In.
5.2 Given a scenario, describe the most effective way to post and manage Job Slots to achieve optimal results including, but not limited to: sharing jobs, suggested job title, company name, describe the person not the position, multiple job functions, multiple industries, display job poster, applicant routing, and location.
5.3 Given a set of requirements, a matching job description, Profile Matches, and job analytics, determine what changes to the job listing would produce better results using LinkedIn Recruiter® reports.

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